Choosing Chung Ting Fai as your Public Notary in Singapore

All of us need the services of a notary public every now and then. This is because it is actually essential to have many legal documents and transactions notarized. Documents that require notarization include wills, trusts and deeds that are documents in transferring assets from one owner to another. Medical documents that specify decisions in times of illnesses or injuries also need notarization. Power of Attorneys that give power to an individual to act on behalf of another person and other long-distance agreements also need to be notarized. Simply put, our life decisions depend on legal services.

It is often challenging to find a notary public in such as short notice. In looking for a suitable notary public, you need to find out what qualifications he or she should have.

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a law practitioner who has been appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public. He or she is usually a qualified lawyer with 15 years of experience or more. Their practice in Singapore is governed by the rules of the Notaries Public Act.

A notary public often act as impartial officers who do notarization of documents. He or she often does this by authenticating and certifying documents that are intended to be used in other countries. This is usually the case when someone who owns businesses and properties outside of the country executed documents in Singapore. Foreign litigation may also involve notarization of documents. After notarization, a notarial certificate is often issued.

What Services Are Offered By A Notary Public?

A notary public offers services such as the following:

  • Document notarization
  • Execution of contracts, incorporation documents, property documents, deeds and special powers of attorney
  • Administration of oaths for affidavits or declarations
  • Certification of true copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage contracts and other life documents
  • Protesting bills of exchange
  • Sea protests or note of protests

Legalization Process: Authorization, Verification and Legalization

A notary public can also authenticate, verify and legalize documents that are used overseas. This involves the following:

  • Document notarization by the notary public and issuance of notarial certificate
  • Notary public signature authentication by the Singapore Academy of Law
  • Verification done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Confirmation of the document’s origin through placing the official stamp and signature on the document by the embassy or consulate

How to Choose a Notary Public

There are hundreds of public notaries to choose from in Singapore. If you are wondering on how to select the best here are some things you have to consider:


Find out where the public notary’s office is. It should be located near you for convenience.


Check out the notary’s qualifications and specialties on websites, business cards and certificates on their offices. Make sure that their specialities can fit your needs.


Make sure that you check first the notary’s fees before agreeing to pay for services. Do some research before paying anything.

Good Communication

Choose a notary that you can easily reach over the phone, online or personally. Open communication is important and your notary should make himself or herself more available to you and the other clients.

If you don’t have any notaries in mind, we are here to help you. We offer you the best notaries public with good quality services.

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