Media Reports

Lianhe Wanbao
29 December 2011

Mr Chung Ting Fai was interviewed for his opinion with regards to the public dissent for Ms. Quan Yifong’s sentence. He agreed with two other lawyers that such a light sentence was rare but that each case would differ, taking into account the accused’s family background, occupation and other relevant factors.
Lianhe Zaobao
28 December 2011

Law Q&A – A 70 years old man who lives with his son and son-in-law is provided with a room and 3 meals a day. He claimed that his son and son-in-law seldom talked to him and enquired if this would constitute mental torture. Mr Chung Ting Fai replied that although there exists a legal obligation in general on children to financially care for their ageing parents, this however does not cater for their emotional needs
Lianhe Zaobao
27 December 2011

Law Q&A - A lady was insulted in public by a drink stall owner after she was served and her enquiry was if she was in a position to undertake legal proceedings. Mr Chung Ting Fai’s reply was that it would depend on the exact words used by the drink stall owner and in the case that those words made her feel that her character was degraded or if they were untrue, she could then consider suing for Defamation.
Lianhe Zaobao
22 December 2011

Chung Ting Fai was invited to participate in a charity event and performance in which he wrote a Cantonese version of the lyrics for the song “Hero”, originally sung by Mariah Carey.
Channel News Asia
24 November 2011

An interview of Mr Chung Ting Fai was broadcasted on Channel News Asia.
Channel 8 News
15 February 2011

An interview of Mr Chung Ting Fai was broadcasted on Channel 8 News.