A similar Ram Navami procession
 28 October 2014, 06:06

Replica Handbags Than 50 peoole have been taken into custody, he said, adding situation is under control.have intensified patrolling in the area. CCTV footage is being examined to identify culprits and FIRs would be lodged against them, he said.Magadh divisional commissioner Jitendra Srivastava and deputy inspector general of police Binay Kumar are also camping at Ramesh Chowk with adequate reinforcement.Trouble began Sunday evening when rioters set ablaze more than 20 shops at Nawadih area. A similar Ram Navami procession, comprising bike borne youths, was passing through Nawadih Colony under Town police station when miscreants pelted stones at them.Minor clashes were also reported from Gaya, Siwan and Kaimur. Replica Handbags

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“Enactment of Lokpal would be against 9a replica bags the replica bags lv spirit of Article 50 of the Constitution of India. It will replica bags china free shipping wipe out the separation of the judiciary from the executive. A decision affecting the whole nation cannot be taken so suddenly without having a public debate on such a national issue of great public importance,” the petitioner had said.

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