The only reason why this is effective is because I never teach
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high quality replica handbags Trevor invited Susan Jane to a Dubliner party that evening, and she was intrigued by him and wanted to get to know him better. The only problem was that she was living in Oxford. “We became addicted to one another in the early stages,” she says. I read the words on the slides, get to a blank, and then ask if anyone knows what to fill in the blank. As the students write in the missing words, I explain it a bit more.The only reason why this is effective is because I never teach this way throughout the year. This would replica bags online shopping be a dreadful way to teach American History, but it works well as a “cram session review.”The day that the students take the history portion of the standardized exam, I have all the teachers on my team (who have my students taking the test in their classrooms) project the “Cram Sheet” below and replica bags us read it to the students just before they take the exam.I created this “Cram Sheet” using any definitive facts that were listed in the state standards. high quality replica handbags

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