“Mr Dobbin speaks for first time since the attackIn August 2015
 26 November 2013, 07:51

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Wholesale Replica Bags She told the News: “As a family, we are still shocked and stunned that a man goes to a game that he is passionate for and enjoyed playing and never returns home.”He will never be the man he once was, but the comfort for his family and myself is replica bags in uk that we have a new dad to make memories with.”Mr Dobbin speaks for first time since the attackIn August 2015, Mr Dobbin spoke his first words since the incident.The family man was able to speak to his family for the first time in five months.Emily Dobbin, Simon’s daughter, shared the news on her Facebook page, which read: “Today was the first day we heard dad’s voice in over 5 months! It was so amazing to watch, he managed to count to 40, recite the alphabet, go through family names and tell us he loves us!”Although he did sound like a replica bags ebay chain smoker, I couldn’t be more proud.”‘Simon doesn’t have a life’ says wife NicoleIn October 2016, Simon Dobbin made an emotional return back to the Cambridge United football stadium. His wife Nicole said: “Simon will love going back. We have been chanting songs to him over the last two weeks with his name in and he smiles back with a great big grin on his face.”The support replica bags in dubai over the last two years has been brilliant and we just don’t want Simon to be forgotten about. Wholesale Replica Bags

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