11 March 2013, 07:29
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Last week I was in Beijing Renmin University to judge the Chinese National Round of Jessup International Moot Court Competition. A record number of teams took part including my team from Guangxi University of Nationalities. The bar has been raised yet again; the teams are getting better and better in terms of their command of English, their advocacy skills are as well as their poise and style. It never fails to impress me.

At the opening ceremony I met Gary Locke the charismatic US Ambassador to China of ethnic Chinese origin. He cited the Chinese saying of “when a prince who commits a crime will endure the same penalty as a plebeian” He credited the rule of law and that everyone is equal before to the law to ancient China. “I spoke to him after the opening ceremony and found him to be friendly and knowledgeable but also a very shrewd politician.

Every year I ask as a mock judge in a moot court I am humbly reminded of the reason why I chose law as an education and subsequently as a calling. Also it rekindles in me the vision of China with a greater degree rule of Law.

This year was also special in the sense that it snowed during the opening ceremony. And as I judged the preliminary rounds on the first day I looked out of the window and saw snowflakes descending from the sky. Not an everyday experiences for a lawyer from the tropics like me.

My team performed slightly better than last year but to have them enters the Washington rounds I am not invest more time on them. 







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